TRACMASS news & updates

TRACMASS version renaming


For simplifying the different version numbers of TRACMASS, from now the different versions will be a combination of the year and the month when the changes were committed (vYYYY.MM):

  • Version 7.0 will be known as v2020.12.
  • Version 7.1 will be known as v2021.10.
Any future version will be described using the new style.

Release of version 7.0


A new version of TRACMASS (v7.0-beta) is now available. This version includes the following new features:

  • The code has been thoroughly cleaned up
  • Supported test cases from:
    • Ocean circulation models: NEMO, MOM5, ROMS
    • Satellite ocean current data AVISO
    • Atmospheric circulation model data IFS (ERA-Interim, EC-Earth)
  • Any tracer can be followed e.g. biogeochemical tracers or chemical compounds in the atmosphere.
  • A new quick-start guide and a comprehensive documentation.