TRACMASS is a Lagrangian trajectory code for ocean and atmospheric general circulation models. The code makes it possible to estimate water paths, Lagrangian stream functions (barotropic, overturning, etc.), exchange times, etc.


Learn about:

  • how to set up TRACMASS.
  • how to design your own experiment.
  • how the different components of TRACMASS work.
  • how to postprocess your TRACMASS output data.


Check our gallery with different TRACMASS results for different datasets and examples on how the TRACMASS features work.

Contact & FAQ

Check our FAQ and contact information in case you have any problem or comment about TRACMASS


1. - Download the code:

git clone

2. - Modify the Makefile to fit your system.

3. - Then you can run the make command:


4. - Run TRACMASS by typing:


Cite as:

Cite as Aldama-Campino, Aitor, Döös, Kristofer, Kjellsson, Joakim, & Jönsson, Bror. (2020, December 17). TRACMASS: Formal release of version 7.0 (Version v7.0-beta). Zenodo.